Tô na Rede worked in São Paulo – where Instituto de Políticas Relacionais is based – with two public libraries in the neighborhood of Campo Limpo, in the South Zone of the city: Helena Silveira Library and Marcos Rey Library. The pilot project was established through partnerships with Sistema Estadual de Bibliotecas Públicas do Estado de São Paulo and Sistema Municipal de Bibliotecas Públicas do Município de São Paulo.

The training in Campo Limpo took place between 2014 and 2015. In Tô na Rede, the training blocks are always the same, but they adapt according to the demand of each group or region. Perhaps the most outstanding in the experience of São Paulo was Educommunication, given at the time by Isis de Palma and Lia Capovilla. This block provides participants with tools to not only think critically about media and communication, but also build their own narrative. Check out the video that resulted from this meeting with talks from the local community and the poets Binho and Pow Litera-Rua:

During the course of 2016, we did an analysis of indicators of the activities of the pilot project. The idea was to measure the impact of the project on the day-to-day life of libraries, to understand what worked, what needed to be improved, and, especially, what we learned from each other. With this experience, we noticed that the most significant result of Tô na Rede is the improvement in the way the community and the library identify themselves and their needs. The video shows the experience of Impact Assessment in Belém, Arapiraca (AL) and São Paulo:

We are in pre-production in the following municipalities of the interior of São Paulo: